Name:  Larry “Drums” Brancaccio

Hometown:  Nutley NJ

Hobbies:  Drums, racing, Cars, toys, Cartoons

Sanction:  AHDRA

Class:  Top Fuel Motorcycle

Career Best ET & Speed:

1/4 mile ET – 6.260
1/4 mile speed – 226.47
1/8 mile ET – 4.12
1/8 mile speed - 203.64
Best 60′ – .105 4X

Larry “Drums” Brancaccio describes all Harley Davidson drag racing as “hyperspace
tunnel vision” or “sitting on the back of a rocket during blast-off.” With his abstract concept
of speed, Larry has proven to be a popular, highly visible, aggressive competitor. He
currently competes in two racing sanctions, AMRA and NHRA but his national campaign
involves the prestigious AHDRA (All Harley Drag Racing Association).

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Larry "Drums" Brancaccio
The Profile of a Champion
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